Friday, July 6, 2012

Crash a Wedding

If you ever want to crash a wedding, make sure its a Greek or Jewish wedding. There is so much fun at these weddings and the people really know how to enjoy themselves at special events. The people at this particular Jewish wedding were wonderful fun and I had a great time meeting them, dancing and just enjoying the fun quirkiness of the couple getting married. The event took place at a beautiful art gallery and it was a magical union.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Visit the Past in Zacatecas

On the imaginary line of the Tropic of Cancer in the state of Zacatecas in Mexico, about 55 kilometers south of the capital city of Zacatecas, there is an amazing archaeological site called La Quemada. Driving down the highway you would never know you were close if you missed the small archaeological sign with a small pyramid on it. I was glad I didn't miss that one. This truly was a great place to see. This Mesoamerican site is also known as Chicomóztoc.
The masonry (clay mixed with vegetable fibers to build the bricks) platforms and towers have been identified by archaeologist as having been built somewhere between 300 and 700 AD, and is said to have been used as a central location for trade. Historians have associated the sight with different cultures. There is even speculation that it is the mythical place of "The Seven Caves", but no one knows for sure. There are also signs that it was used throughout many centuries after these dates, and the people are even thought to have minded the surrounding areas for minerals, obsidian, salt and more . The eleven columns that still incredibly remain, are said to have been supports for a roof for this large area and may have even housed human sacrifices. La Quemada is a great place to learn about the past cultures of the Americas. 
There is a small museum at the entrance where you can see a smaller model of the entire location and also watch a movie about the area and how the site was populated and used over the years. This was an extremely intriguing and captivating place to visit the past.