Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drive a Tonka in Texas

I grew up with six brothers, and I never got to drive their Tonka trucks; but today thanks to some wonderful people, David and Judy, I got to experience the fun of driving a big tractor! I volunteered sight unseen and when we went out to the barn I was amazed at how high off the ground it was, yet encouraged by the sign on the back that said "ages 3 and up". I thought to myself, "This should be a piece of cake." It didn't dawn on me till a bit later that the tractor really wasn't a Tonka and that sign on the back was just for fun. Either way I was still up to driving and using it and after having been given a 2 min instruction on how to drive it off we went. The ranch is 250 acres and I got to drive it a good long way. What a powerful machine! Moving the huge trees with it was great! It is a great help having this tractor on a ranch.  This has made me want my own so I can do this again, but I think the best thing will be to come back to the ranch and drive theirs.


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beekeeper for a Day

This is absolutely one of the most amazing experiences! Being close to a beehive where these beautiful little creatures are hard at work making honey, raising brood, and keeping their hive clean and cool is ..... Being this close to natures little workers gave me a feeling of joy and such connection. I have seen honeybees up close in flowers, but never this close at the hive with their little wings fanning their home, the little dances to show the other bees where the pollen can be found, and the intensely fast flight path when they fly out to bring more pollen back. What an extraordinary little creature the honeybee is with its melodic hum, and the sound brings the hive alive. Thanks to fantastic beekeepers from Honeybee Bazaar and their lovely dog for sharing this breathtaking experience with me, and thanks to all the home owners of Mississippi River Plantations I visited for this terrific adventure!

I even helped extract the honey too! I love honey, but there is nothing in the world like tasting the honey straight from the honeybees home. The delightful sweetness was unlike anything I had tasted before. Even though I have had very fresh honey before, eating the honey right from the comb that just came from the hive, is a taste I will never forget! Spectacular! If I get the chance to be a Beekeeper for longer than a day I would consider it a great privilege and I would recommend to anyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Looking for an Alligator in the Bayous of Louisiana

Exploring the little towns of the back Bayous of Louisiana in search of alligators, was more fun than I would have imagined. Moss covered trees, warm humid air, buzzing of insects, the sun on my shoulders and the warmth of the people in these small towns along the Bayous are all absolutely wonderful. The people are always willing to tell you about the history of the area and their little town, sharing stories that at times may seem unbelievable to some, but are quite entertaining.
Louisiana Cajuns are fun, authentic folks and they never let a chance go by if there is some fun to be had. Cookouts by the river, fishing, boating, sitting in the shade drinking lemonade or a cool beer just shooting the breeze, whatever their choice of fun, they enjoy life as a comfortable friend. That is what makes the exploring an experience to remember. As for the alligator… well there’s always tomorrow. I know they are out there.

People here live on house boats, beautiful southern plantation homes, trailers, and some even in shacks,  but living by the Bayous of Louisiana is a way of life filled with history. With quaint road names like Grace Tureau, Cully Brussard and Summerfield, and town names like Galvez, French Settlement, and  Village of Port Vincent, the sense that you have taken a step back in time is quite strong. Life on these Bayous is a pleasant, unique, and worth Exploring again and again!