Saturday, June 2, 2012

Drive a Tonka in Texas

I grew up with six brothers, and I never got to drive their Tonka trucks; but today thanks to some wonderful people, David and Judy, I got to experience the fun of driving a big tractor! I volunteered sight unseen and when we went out to the barn I was amazed at how high off the ground it was, yet encouraged by the sign on the back that said "ages 3 and up". I thought to myself, "This should be a piece of cake." It didn't dawn on me till a bit later that the tractor really wasn't a Tonka and that sign on the back was just for fun. Either way I was still up to driving and using it and after having been given a 2 min instruction on how to drive it off we went. The ranch is 250 acres and I got to drive it a good long way. What a powerful machine! Moving the huge trees with it was great! It is a great help having this tractor on a ranch.  This has made me want my own so I can do this again, but I think the best thing will be to come back to the ranch and drive theirs.


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