Monday, June 11, 2012

Never Fired a Shot

I am not against guns, but I have never shot a riffle, and in a way have been a little afraid of the noise and the kick back. Anyhow, I am not promoting guns with this blog, but just wanted to try it out to say that I had done it. I had the help of one of our finest retired US Coast Guard members. If you say you want to shoot a gun, you better be prepared for what he might just bring for you to shoot!

David gave me a brief lesson on gun safety and how to use it properly. It took me a bit to be able to locate the target through the telescope that is part of the gun, but once I could see it I took my first shot. I had on protection for my ears and it was still so loud! The kick wasn't too bad for this riffle, but it still scared me! I was all nervous and it took me a minute before I could continue. Yeah, I guess I shook for a bit, but in my defense it was loud. I took two shots and hit my target both times (the first time I just nicked the edge) and from 50 meters away I thinks that's not too bad. By then I was shaking too much to even see the target, so I figured I was done. Okay so twice was enough. I might try this again sometime, because at least I will be better prepared for what happens when you do pull that trigger.

Next time I want to shoot a gun for the first time, I might just try a "littler" one!


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