Monday, August 20, 2012

Seen Pigs Fly

I have never seen pigs fly.... that is until today. While traveling through a group of small towns in northern Georgia, I saw quite a few antique shops along the little two lane highway. From Freehome to Macedonia and then on to Lathemtown I drove, all the while glancing at the local shops. All called to me, and yet I didn't stop until I saw pigs fly. Yes, I know you won't believe me until you too see the photos, so here they are. Another reason I stopped was because the name of the little store was just too perfect. It is called "The Green Bean Exchange. You just can't get a better name than that! They have all these wonderful and fun sculptures outside, but inside there were also some beautiful antiques, like an old washing machine with a crank to wring the water out of the clothes, along with some beautiful antique furniture, and quaint little trinkets throughout. The best part of the whole thing was seeing pigs fly!