Sunday, July 15, 2012

Watch the Fishermen Return at Sunrise in Zihuatanejo

There are small sleepy fishing villages in Mexico that begin stirring before the sun is up. One such place is called Zihuatanejo which stands for "home of goddess women." As the legend goes, these women would rise by afternoon to lead the sun at dusk into the depths and the the realm of the dead to bring a dim light to the dead. It is located on the Pacific Ocean in an area called "La Costa Grande" which means "The Big Coast." It is in a sweet little cove and the bay is named the same as the village. The people are hardworking and have big hearts. They enjoy the visitors to the area. Sport fishermen come from all over the world to fish in this area.
Meeting the fishermen meant getting up very very early, but so very worth the rise before dawn. This is one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever had the privilege to photograph, although while photographing the sunrise I did almost get run down by a fishing boat coming up onto the beach with their morning catch, but a fisherman saved me. I can't imagine what time these fishermen must have gone out to fish to be returning at sunrise with their catch. The birds all gather to collect and eat the fish discarded by the fishermen, so there were many birds around too. It was a magical morning. 

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