Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carve Cute Food

So I cook. Yes, I do, but I am not a person that loves to be in the kitchen for hours and cook. For me it's in and out as fast as I can make something I enjoy eating, that's fairly healthy, and can be cooked as quickly or efficiently as possible. This is not to say I never spend time on a special meal, it's just that I don't normally count my time in the kitchen as relaxing or something I really enjoy. So, when I see cute little food items I always wish I could do that and make the food I serve and eat not just good, but pretty too. Anyhow, I tried I really did, after three radish carvings I was back to "Just let it taste good!"
Here is my attempt at pretty food.... at least I tried it once. First I made a mouse, but then I though, "Who really wants a mouse on their plate?" and then a butterfly that I think looked more like a crab. Last I made an attempt to carve a flower which just went from okay to not so okay. My food will just have to be good, fast and healthy, without all the "cute" thrown in!

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