Friday, May 25, 2012

Interview with a DJ and Musician

I love art and music, and a chance to interview someone who truly knows about music is a great opportunity that I truly enjoyed. I for one, am not so good with remembering artists and names of albums, but it doesn't take away from my enjoyment of music in the least. Usually when I like a song, I like it, and can go years without ever even knowing who sings that particular song.
Everyone is different though, and DJ Santiago Páramo truly knows his music. In an interesting and insightful interview with him (below) he told me a few things about himself and his musical career. Santiago is such a personable individual and he immediately puts anyone around him at ease with his fun and open personality.

Me: What is your favorite music?
DJ Santiago Páramo: I love World music! I play music from all over the world! I really enjoy funky beats and jazz too.
Me: What got you into DJing?
Santiago: My great love for music. I grew up listening to my father's music and his love for music inspired me to pursue a musical career.
Me: Do you play an instrument or just DJ?
Santiago: Yes I play many instruments. I studied music and love playing all kinds of instruments, but my main instrument is the guitar. I also compose music.
Me: How do you view yourself?
SantiagoI am an art driven individual with a special interest in music composition and performance art pieces. For the past five years, I have had the honor of calling Atlanta home, and through my music I have branched out to many fellow artists and organizations in the city to create with them a wide range of art expressions such as: sound installations, dance performances, sculptures, paintings, live music, and many other art forms. I have over 10 years of experience as a professional DJ. 
Me: So you enjoy being part of the artistic scene in Atlanta. 
Santiago: Yes I love it!
Me: Do you play anywhere on a regular basis? 
Santiago: Yes, a few places in town, but you can find me every Saturday at Apres Diem in Midtown Atlanta. It's a fun place to enjoy and hang out with friends and listen to some funky tunes.
Me: Where can we listen to some of your music online?
You can also listen to my music at the following link

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  1. Love music, I will check him out when I am in Atlanta!