Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taste the Wines of Georgia

Driving to Chattanooga Tennessee from Atlanta on I75 North, there is a sign for Georgia Winery and I have always wanted to stop and taste their wines. Today I tried 10 different wines and actually brought some home. You can even see them making wine, and there are tours of the winery on Saturdays. Since it isn't Saturday I had to settle for tasting the wines. I am not a huge fan of wine and prefer it on the sweet side, but they had some lovely wines and it was a very enjoyable hour. One of the most wonderful things was their wine slushies!  It was something I will be doing again.

There were so many wonderful flavors like muscadine, blackberry, and peach wines. All wonderful to the senses. My favorite was a wine called Tennessee Tangerine. Just wonderful! Of course I bought some.


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  1. Wine slushies! awesome! I want to try some :-)